We've been captivated by the power of [location] + [mobile devices], but yet with all that and many other technologies applied to the delivery problem.... we continue to miss home package deliveries. And so have to visit the Post Office (enough said)

What it does

Helps UPS and other delivery services know when you are near home on delivery day, increasing likelihood of one-time successful delivery. When you’re not home, allows delivery to your secure network of hand-picked neighbors (when they’re home).

You get packages with less hassle, and UPS et al save a lot of money by increasing their daily hit rate on package delivery.

How I built it

The solution consists of a mobile app for the consumer, a mobile app for the delivery person and an API that allows fro general integration / use by any delivery provider. In addition to well crafted UX and minimal API at the core of the experience is a lightweight mechanism to accurately determine when the possible recipients are home without compromising privacy, security or battery life. Based on a combination of geofencing and a fairly novel on-demand mechanism to do discreet location checks.

Challenges I ran into

Without a UPS or similar partner at the hack, a challenge to fully understand their needs and of course to actually integrate.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built an end-to-end solution that goes a long way to solving a eternal frustration in package delivery. A UX and value proposition that appeals to both the Customer and the Business (as far as we can anticipate their biz processes).

What I learned

Idea jamming on the fly can lead to creative solutions even under time pressure. But also...not to take on such a huge problem in 2 days (although it was fun..)

What's next for Dropp

Talking to major delivery services to understand how this could integrate into their services.

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