DropoutDAO.eth is a decentralized university in the metaverse to learn and grow together.

why DropoutDAO.eth?

school is outdated. zoom lectures can easily be replaced by youtube videos. we're all tired of how schools teach us and how little support there is for dropouts outside of exclusive fellowships.

what we do

we foster and support a community of eccentric self-learners, dreamers, and risk-takers.


we gained 500 followers on Twitter and 200 members in our DAO in less than 24 hours.

what we learned

a lot of people think school is not useful in 2022 for learning and are missing a community of us to gather together.

"college fucking sucks" -- yung calibri

what's next for DropoutDAO.eth

be able to verify knowledge with NFTS instead of needing an expensive college degree.

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