Droplet was formed with the thought that every drop counts. Knowing that there is a correlation between the price and Amount of Water used, we decided that we could reverse lookup all the IMPORTANT, NECESSARY information, instead of those huge water bills, filled with numbers and no statistics whatsoever that can help you in the future with regards to water usage.

What it does

Droplet only asks for two things. The total price paid at the end of the month, and the meter size. There is a monthly fee for meters of different sizes, and obviously Droplet takes that into account.Thereafter, we accurately calculate the HCF(Hundred Cubic Feet), Gallons, and Stats.

How we built it

We used android-studio, a mix of Java and Xml. We used two activities and a lot of algorithms to reverse lookup the HFC

Challenges we ran into

We ran into GUI issues and in Android studio and later dealt them out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Knowing that the constants change, such as "current average gallons of water used per day" or "Price per HCF" we are proud that our app updates and adapts to such changes. We are also proud that this application is easy to understand and can be used by anyone.

What we learned

We had to do thorough research on Water Prices and overall our background knowledge of Water Meters, in general increased. We did specific research for the City of Cupertino and now, we are more aware of our community.

What's next for Droplet

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