Droplat gives users the ability to share files with others who are physically nearby. CREATE A FOG Users can create "Fogs", which are basically public folders that stay at a geographic location. When other users check-in nearby, they can download the files held in any Fog in the area. Users can also add their own files to any Fog.  Fogs are great ways to transform real-life experiences like... LOLLAPALOOZA! We hooked into the Lollapalooza API to automatically create Fogs for every band, at the stages where they are playing. So when you check-in at Lollapalooza with Droplat, you'll be able to see all the files people are sharing nearby, organized by band. You can also submit your photos, videos, audo recordings and any other original content to share with everyone at the festival. Lollapalooza is a perfect type of event to really take advantage of the benefits of Droplat. Wouldn't it be great to be able to watch videos of bands that you weren't able to catch, or get your hands on some close-up photos from the people in the front rows? Imagine the bands using Droplat to share back-stage photos and exclusive content. We can make this happen if you vote for Droplat! DOWNLOAD NOW Droplat is currently availble for Android, but should be ready for iPhone by Lollapalooza 2011. Download it now: goo.gl/bSp2Y

  • Droplat Team   (NOTE: The Lollapalooza Fogs will not be visible until the week of the festival)   

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