We wanted to create something that can really add value to peoples lives and have positive effect on the environment.

450 million people visit on Facebook buy and sell page monthly. Only in Finland over 500 million euros were spent on second hand goods in online peer-to-peer market in 2015 in less than two years. That excludes 900 million euros worth of motor vehicles and gear. And that was before Facebook Marketplace. The market is huge and it is growing.

We researched what is the most annoying points in the buying and selling process for the people. Two points stood out and those were competing in the comment fields in the Facebook buy and sell groups and scheduling a meeting with the buyers. We decided to build a solution for the latter.

At the same time the peer-to-peer market taking the market away from local store keepers and boutiques. We want to bring new possibilities for the small companies and a slice of the online business for the local stores.

What it does

Dropit removes the hassle of scheduling meetings between buyers and sellers.

Step 1. Seller adds the product to dropit. Dropit generates a link that the seller sends to the buyer.

Step 2. Buyer opens the link and is directed to the dropit payment page. Buyer pays the product.

Step 3. Dropit confirms that the product is payed to the seller. Seller takes the product to the dropit partner and shows the products QR code.

Step 4. Dropit partner reads the QR-code and stores the goods with a random generated password.

Step 5. Dropit sends a notification to the buyer and confirms that the products are ready to be picked from the dropit partner.

Step 6. Dropit partner reads the QR-code and hands out the confirmed product with the right password to the buyer.

How we built it

We started by designen the UX in Balsamiq. After we had created all the necessesary pages in Balsamiq and verified that we didn’t miss out any part of the userflow we started to do the coding. To enable a rapid workflow we used Vue.js combined with to build the mobile first app. Vuetify with it’s predefined components allowed us to create a really good looking app really fast.

For the RESTful backend we use a node.js express server. We are using Babel which makes it possible for us to use the latest JavaScript version ECMAScript 6.

With the Nordea API we are able to check when dropit receives the money from the buyer.

Challenges we ran into

We tried to force an idea at one track at first. After a long discussions and brainstorming we decided to try this idea even it didn't fit any exact box of a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We didn’t die from a caffeine overdose.

What we learned

We're happy that we didn't limit ourselves to one track or challenge, but created something that could actually have a huge business potential.

What's next for dropit

Finding the store partners from a pilot area. Product validation and development with the possible partners. Piloting, developing and then massively entering the market with the raised funds!

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