Weplay DropIt

DropIt is an HTML5 drag&drop uploader application for loading media to galleries on weplay.com


DropIt was developed to leverage modern browser capabilities to serve as an alternative to the Flash-based third party uploader provided by Kaltura. The front-end logic is built on jQuery, Underscore, Backbone and uses native File API and Drag and Drop events to interface with the desktop and trigger the upload process. The server is written in Ruby using the Sinatra web framework. It currently uses Redis to store access tokens needed for OAuth authentication with the Weplay API.

Running Locally

DropIt can be run locally by configuring the environment to interface with the Weplay app running on a local or remote server. Clone the repo. Install the bundles. Copy of environment.yml.example to an environment.yml file. Update environment.yml with a consumer_key and consumer_secret generated by registering an application with the target Weplay app: http://www.localhost.com/oauth_clients or http://www.weplay.com/oauth_clients. Execute the top level app.rb file to run the server.

git clone git@github.com:rossta/dropit.git
cd dropit
bundle install
mv config/environment.yml.example config/environment.yml # and update consumer_key, consumer_secret, site

bundle exec ruby app.rb


rake          # runs all specs
rake spec     # run RSpec specs
rake jasmine  # run Jasmine specs

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