We solve the problem of fast and non-linear navigation through textbooks. There are two main functions of textbooks current e-readers fail to emulate: referencing many individual pages throughout a textbook and switching back and forth between two sections of a textbook.
Consider reading a Physics book. If you were reading a physical textbook, as you work through problems you flip back and forth between an equation sheet in the back of the book, common constants at the front, some definitions in the middle, and the actual questions somewhere else entirely. Current ebook readers would have you flip through to the each point, or store vague bookmarks in a sea of nested menus. Our reference bar allows you to save pages with a swipe, then makes a preview of them a tap away from anywhere in the book. In addition, in our Physics book, as you learn the material, you would flip back to examples as you read derivations. With our peek bar, you can maintain two independent streams through the book, and simply swipe between them. In addition, we don't require pinpoint accuracy to use a scrubber in a 900pg document. Since our scrubber controls velocity, not position, fine tuning is natural. Lastly, we didn't forget about Professors. With the Myo, we made an interface to flip through their book from a distance. Now they don't have to leave to board as they work on examples and display the book.

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