As students interested and proficient in programming and entrepreneurship, our team saw helping Dropbase as our chance to make a difference in the world and help a startup that we would like to work for someday. The inspiration from our solution came from imagining that we were the owners of the business and trying to create a solution that we would genuinely back and believe in for a company that we build from scratch.

What it does

Our case study comes with several additional elements to help illustrate its point. The purpose of our group is to provide the Dropbase team with an effective plan to reach their goals. Included is a Python program that graphs data, a proposed additional feature to the Dropbase UI made in Figma, a PowerPoint presentation, and the case study that all of the above was built around.

How we built it

We built our PowerPoint, front-end, and Python graphing code around our team's case study, which was prepared after much brainstorming and going through the design process. To create the many diverse supplements to our case study, work was successfully delegated so that each team member's expertise could be put to use. This allowed us to produce much in a relatively short amount of time.

Challenges we ran into

Our team ran into some difficulties since we had to learn new software for this project. Mainly, our issues involved getting Plotly to work as intended. We had to program our own sorting algorithm to graph our data correctly, and one team member was unable to install the Plotly library onto their computer due to support issues. However, our team was able to overcome each of these challenges by gaining experience and learned to adapt after gaining insight into the inner workings of the software that was challenging us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how productive our team was, and also how well tasks were delegated. Each member of the team contributed to the final product, which incorporates several different programs to bring our case study to life and demonstrate how feasible and effective our suggestions are.

What we learned

Our team learned several new skills, including how to use Figma to create a visually pleasing front-end and install and utilize Plotly, a Python library for graphing data on a localhost. We had never used Figma or any of the Python libraries before so learning those from scratch was definitely a learning process.

What's next for Dropcase: Broadening Horizons

We hope our ideas get implemented by Dropbase and make a positive impact on their company as we believe the product and goal of Dropbase could have a large impact on the future of data management. We hope to refine the technical aspects of our solution further and develop more detailed models and figures for the implementation of our solution. Networking and making connections with the Dropbase team is also a goal, as we hope to continue to work with Dropbase in order to make an even larger positive impact.

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