Drop The Beat
Drop The Beat

Share your audio-visual experiences wherever you are.


Ever felt that serene peace during a train ride or on a smooth drive at the hustle and bustle, just listening to your favourite track?

Or maybe, that pulse of adrenaline blasting your favourite EDM hits while gaming it out at a LAN shop?

So have we! For Hack'n'Roll 2020, we endeavoured to build a way that enable anyone to share that experience with others. And so we proudly we present our multi-platform mobile application Drop The Beat!

What it does

The main functionality of the application is the real-time geolocation-based music sharing, where you can pin a marker at your current location, tag a song and write a small description to share your experiences and music with other Droppers.

How we built it

We used Firebase (powered by Google's Cloud Platform) for the back-end of our application, while we predominantly used Flutter as our front-end mobile development framework. In our application, we have integrated the engagement of Spotify's and Google's Map API in order to enable our song search support and geolocation capabilities respectively.

Challenges we ran into

Using Flutter was one of the biggest technical challenges we faced, as there were numerous times when we had issues with Flutter's copious usage of asynchronous programming. Not only that, developing a fully functional end-to-end mobile application within 24 hours is quite a stretch for our 2 man team.


Learning more about front-end and mobile development and the importance of good coding practices and software design patterns. Asynchronous API calls and handlers are real tricky but we are proud that we got the hang of it!

What we learned

Collaboration and a strong work ethos is priceless.

Drop The Beat's Roadmap!

  • We plan to increase the interactivity of our application with Spotify, so that Droppers can enjoy an even better user experience (Direct linking to songs, album crawling, etc.).
  • We hope to provide a temporary in-app channel (DropParties) for Droppers who are in the near vicinity to join, and stream music together! (Think Silent Disco but modular!)
  • Our idea banks are full and we are excited to work on the Drop The Beat even further!
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