Watching a DJ liver performance always gives me a desire to try. Who knows if you can be the next greatest music remixer? However, a real DJ pad for only a trial is too cost-heavy. So how about on the weight of a paper?

What it does

Drop-The-Beat provides customizable DJ-pad simulation experience on the weight of a paper, built with Opencv. It allows the user to import their custom music(or use the default) to make their own music remix and allow them to save the copy.
Print the paper, and try it.

How we built it

We use opencv for computer vision to detect the amount of colour pixel. On the mac platform we use Objective-C to make a desk-top (easier to control an audio player and camera than swift).

Challenges we ran into

Inaccuracy of leap motion Change of brightness

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Rather accurate effect and customizable experience Overwatch Reference

What we learned

Working with open-cv using matrix Audio processing of Objective-C

What's next for Drop-The-Beat

Make the full version of the DJ pad on paper and improve application UI

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