I like balls. I love balls. That's why I thought of this game which is filled with balls.

How it works

The user taps on any of the three boxes at the bottom of the screen to change its color. The box at the bottom needs to match the color of the ball that falls into it. The game increases in difficulty as one progresses.

Challenges I ran into

Coding too many balls creating balls that stop in the middle of the screen, using sketch for the first time, lack of sleep.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Coding this app within 24 hours with little to no internet, learning sketch without internet and using it to its full extent.

What I learned

I learned sketch from knowing nothing at all--never even opened the app on my mac--to knowing how to use it to create beautiful splash screens, How to debug

What's next for Drop

Drop (Pong) 2.0: Leaderboards, Submitting to App Store, Implementing splash screen which is already created, changing name to drop pong, change boxes on the bottom to cups, Pop up ads, game over screen, caters to more UI/UX options for the app.

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