I happen to live in the woods and my mother is always afraid of being alone in the house and falling, getting hurt, and not being able to contact anyone. I wanted to create an app that would alleviate some of that fear.

What it does

Once one downloads the app, all they have to do is edit the emergency contact information. They can simply enter the name of someone in their address or make a new entry and add it to their contacts. After that, they are ready to go! If they fall, the app asks the user if he or she is ok. If the answer is yes, great! If the answer is no, the phone calls the user's emergency contact. If the user does not answer the prompt in fifteen seconds, the phone will make the phone call anyways (in case the person is unable to answer the prompt).

How I built it

I developed for iOS using Xcode and Swift. I also imported a framework to more easily access a user's contacts.

Challenges I ran into

I took me a while to synchronize threads, because I'm using a timer to determine when the phone should make an emergency call if a user has not answered the prompt.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Honestly, I'm just proud that I could get it working.

What I learned

I learned how to use CoreMotion and CoreData for iOS, plus how to import a new framework and utilize it in my project.

What's next for Drop

I would like notifications to pop up when the user is not inside the app.

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