We wanted a fun project using completely new hardware and to some extent new programming languages. The drones and Leap Motion seemed like a good way to achieve this .

What It Does

The drone can be controlled using either Leap Motion or keyboard input.

How We Built It

We initially intended to control all drone functionality with Leap Motion. We set it up so that all directions can be achieved with swipe gestures as well as rotation and landing. The Leap Motion sensor sometimes wrongly reads actions which makes controlling the drone difficult. We therefore added keyboard control which can work alongside or override the Leap Motion controls to make it much safer and more controllable.

Challenges We Ran Into

We needed to make sure there were safety precautions in place to control the drone when it wasn't running as intended. We added stopping times to the horizontal movements using Leap Motion and added a keyboard input to override controls when the sensors were being difficult.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We managed to create a whole project using node.js, a language which none of us have used before.

What's next for DroneLeap

Try to improve the Leap Motion gesture detection to drone movement recognition so it would be less dependent on keyboard input. Add extra functions.

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