HackaTUM Project: Motivate people to visit tech stores using gear -> Idea: Scotland Yard with a drone as Mr. X

What it does

provides three apps (a user-app, an app to controll the parrot jumper drone and a app which simulates the display of the drone) and a server. Floatchart

How we built it

with lots of motivation and to little sleep

Challenges we ran into

  • challening SDKs & APIs
  • hardware problems of drones and roboters
  • android specific errors

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • we programmed a drone which sends pictures to a server
  • the app is nearly the way we wanted to have it
  • we all learned something new

What we learned

  • Android and Java are not the same
  • Pay attention to the features of the drone you buy
  • not every Robot who claims to be the same accepts the same interfaces

What's next for DroneHunt

The project is promising for a real-market-scale application, to realize the Event would be cool. But before that, we'll get some sleep Zzzzzzzz

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