Code for custom Drone and transceiver build is on GitHub here. Complete Writeup is here

Featured by UC Berkeley: 360 Video


A custom drone and transmitter that is powered by a 3S LiPo and communicates by the transmission of 2, 2-axis joysticks data and digital switch via Arduino Uno to Arduino Nano with nrf24L01+ Modules for Drone flight.


  • Receive.ino maps and convert received joystick positions to Pulse Position Signals (PPM) to send to the flight controller on board Drone
  • Transmit.ino utilizes nrf24L01 modules and adapter boards with separate power supplies to transmit 4 channel analog joystick position and digital switch
  • Flight Controller runs on BetaFlight
  • Laser Cut Drone Chassis and Transmitter
  • 3-D designed and printed Transmitter
  • FPV Camera with live streaming
  • 3-D designed and printed landing gear and camera mount

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