Our application rose from our wish to easily automate our drone, the Parrot ARDrone, without having to code the instructions or run from the command line.

What it does

Parrot Remote is a web application built to send instructions to the Parrot ARDrone. Here, users have access to set the command, order, and time to execute each order. A simple automation controller for users who would rather not write lengthy code for each flight.

How we built it

We used Javascript, CSS, and Html to build the web application. This app built a string of commands which could then be passed to the node JS code. This code, along with the Node Copter API, described the sequence of events that the drone must execute, and for how long.

Challenges We ran into

Integrating the UI with the automation code was challenging. Regrettably, we did not have time to fully combine the code before Hack AZ's deadline.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

This project introduced several concepts of which we were not familiar, namely, Node JS and the mechanics of drone flight. We were very proud to have learned and applied so much in such a short amount of time, and we were especially proud of the way our web application turned out.

What's next for Drone Remote

Of course, the front and back end of this project would need to be combined if we were to ever carry the project further. However, most of us felt the project was merely a good first look into drone programming, and will use the experience to begin new projects in the future.

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