What's more fun then flying drones around a room, blowing cold wind onto already freezing colleagues? (okay okay okay maybe oculus would be fun but they were taken...)

What it does

As of right now, Drone Fun just flies really fast with extremely smooth controls while streaming the camera view to a local host server for the user and friends to watch. It also has eventual capabilities for control using various gamepads, including Xbox 360, and the beginning of facial recognition using the drone's onboard camera.

How I built it

cmd - c cmd-v

No, but seriously, we used javascript to control the drone by optimizing node and cyclonJS to get the controls that we wanted.

Challenges I ran into

One of the issues we ran into was trying to get our local host server to read our css for the webpage that Zac had styled for us. Always frustrating to see a good design change after a merge.

Another issue, is that we wanted to do some sort of facial recognition but since we picked javascript it kind of limited the amount of resources we could use and research.

The biggest issue though was getting around various APIs or apps that were supposed to help us create but instead only disrupted our code with multiple errors (looking at you drone app).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating things that we like and think they are cool is something to always be proud about. Implemented a flight system and video feed for a drone.

What I learned

"I was glad I got the chance to work with, and learn, bootstrap to create the grid system for the view page. Also learned how to use the developer tools to my advantage in chrome!" - Zac

John and Anthony were able to see how cylonJS worked which was a new resource to them.

Sidharth was new to Node JS and got a chance to work in cyclonJS. Controlling the drone through keyboard commands is super fun.

What's next for Drone Fun

If we win the drone prize, then we want to implement a flock algorithm so that not only will we control one drone, but will have the ability to swarm our campus with a mini drone army or polish up our autonomous flying based off of POI or following a leader!

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