By watching drone race videos came the idea of creating a game for that. However, a drone controller is a little different than console controllers due it's lose axis (normally the Y1 axis). The idea is to create a lib to be used by normal console controllers on an arcade like drone

What it does

It's present a very rough drone model to be controlled by the x-box game controller. The movements follow the actual drone controller, despite it take in count the springed Y axis by keeping the altitude control automatic for the player.

How I built it

Still under development, Built in Unity3D with no external assets at all

Challenges I ran into

Understand the drone physics control and translate it in a simple form. The PID controller was also an awesome challenge

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Fell like controlling a drone despite it's very very easy to do so.

What I learned

Drone Physics, and PID algorithms

What's next for Drone Control

Finish a real game using this lib

Built With

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