In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks targeting innocent people at crowded places like the Manchester bombing at Ariana Grande concert or the attack on Indian soldiers patrolling on the line of control. We realized that human eyes are not sufficient to monitor and prevent such attacks.We need to put an end to this ever growing list of terror attacks and our solution is to this ever growing problem is Drone Army. An army of drones using swarm intelligence assisting the security officers to prevent any attack.We are submitting for the security theme of the competition.

What it does

All the drones work in a swarm monitoring the activity real time.The drones keep analyzing the activity and running that feed for face recognition,object recognition(guns or any other weapons) and any suspicious activity. We understand that it is impossible for humans to achieve this so these connected drones work in a swarm with a level of intelligence which enables them to identify criminals(mapping facial data with criminal database) and prevent any mishap before it occurs by alerting the ground security. This is a very useful application for various sectors and can be implemented in places where heightened security is required.

How we built it

We are using python,node.js,bootstrap,opencv and various swarm intelligence techniques to build a highly competent security system where in any drone can work alongside to help the ground staff to take necessary actions and prevent mishaps.

Challenges we ran into

Ability to connect even a small drone to work in a swarm was the biggest challenge.

What we learned

We learnt various algorithms relating to swarm intelligence and bio-inspired computation.We explored lot of swarm optimization algorithms

What's next for Drone Army

Implement this for our own military and also for important events.And then try and scale this to a global audience.

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