After the unfortunate disaster caused by 2017 hurricane wave that impacted the east coast, we got to the conclusion that we still have areas of opportunity in the search and rescue missions for civilians in distress.

What it does

Systematized resources that communicates and interacts to ensure a quicker response of rescue authorities and civilian organizations.

How we build it

Alexa will start reconnaissance route in designated area for our drone to detect and classify objects obtaining results for help response.

Challenges we ran into

Detecting the presence of a person in a hostile atmosphere capturing geographic and graphic resources to ensure immediate intervention.

Accomplishments we’re proud of

Successfully created a camera > server interface able to recognize a person in a radius of 80 feet. Building an App that links Alexa with our Amazon web services and interacts with a private or dedicated server to command our drone.

What we learned

Reduce cost and increase effectiveness by visually swiping the affected disaster areas. Creating a more logistic and strategic search and rescue mission. New technologies for reconnaissance using AI that can help humanity aid in catastrophe in a way never seen before.

What’s next for Dron-aid.

Bulletproof app-service linked by the hand of our sponsors. To successfully accomplish interaction between devices and A.I. to ensure a quick alert with the minimum necessary effort from disaster victims, working with government branches to ensure a fast lifesaving response in real situations.

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