Droid Verbalize delivers financial information on a mobile device using voice as a medium. We strongly believe that the next wave of mobile applications that will deliver hockey stick growth will be based on eReaders.

We focused on verbalizing research documents. Research documents involve a lot of unstructured data in the form of text and images. It can be cumbersome to consume textual information effectively and in a timely fashion. The channels available to consume textual content are also limited. eReaders have revolutionized consumption of textual content.

While Droid Verbalize is primarily targeted at research documents, other information required by financial professionals are also available through this medium. Sig Dev, News and even the navigation is driven through voice as a medium.

Mobile devices offer a significant opportunity for Thomson Reuters research content to be delivered in a much more user-friendly and accessible fashion.

  • Users can listen to research on their mobile phone using text-to-voice technology
  • Users can leave voice comments (not part if this demo)
  • Voice comments can be converted to text and be made available for tagging and searching (not part if this demo)


  • Capability of text to voice conversions software (speed, reliability)
  • Tables, charts, images still need to be visualized
Using the following TRKD API's:
  • Company Fundamentals Data
  • Market-wide Significant Developments Updates
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