For many, it seemed to be a mystery to grasp how having a personal smart mirror would be like. A smart mirror placed in each and every one of our rooms that gives us a quick glance of our daily agenda, time, weather forecast, and clothing recommendation respective of the pertaining weather.

Along with all these little nifty features, we know and seen the struggle of organizing and picking up clothes every day. Sometimes we pull out a shirt we don't want to wear. Sometimes the dress we pick out, we change our mind about. Sometimes the outfit we take off a hanger is not suitable for the weather—and we have to go back to our closet to rehang our clothes and put on what works.

This smart mirror isn't one that just provides basic features, but it truly assists us in making our daily lives more simple and stress-free. Just pick a clothing to try on in front of the mirror, and it'll pull a holographic version of it and place it fittingly on your body so you can decide what you like and what you don't like quickly and efficiently. Then, once you're ready, it'll let you know where in the closet that piece of clothing is located, and all you do is pull that one out, put it on, and go.

What it does

Chiffonier is a smart mirror that is able to project virtual clothes chosen from a user's wardrobe to their body. This will get rid of the hassle of taking out clothes one by one from the closet for them to try it on.

See the above Inspiration section for more info.

How we built it

Chiffonier was created out of 2-way mirror, a monitor and a Microsoft Kinect. We sawed and put together four appropriately sized wood pieces on the borders of the monitor and that is also where the mirror laid.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out the coordinates of the body motion tracking data, and applying that data towards placing the piece of clothing on any person's body for a sizable fit.

What we learned

We learned so much through the process and it's rather long to list everything here. It was a crazy long hackathon for us as we stayed up pretty much with only 2 hours of sleep in total for the entire weekend. But through all the loops and obstacles we encountered and pushed past, it was worth it.

What's next for Chiffonier

In the future, we would like to implement a virtual assistant in it. This will enable the user to interact with the mirror using voice commands, and a more simpler approach of providing a touch screen interface for easier navigation if voice commands aren't preferred at that moment in time.

We want to be able to project different articles of clothing on the mirror including but not limited to hats, belts, pants, and dresses, and also wrap the clothing around the user even more precisely so that it gives the full experience of being able to try on every which thing we have in our closet (1:1 in matching realisticality) without having to take anything out.

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