• Our lack of experience in collaborating and creating projects inspired us to create this project. In our first Hackathon, we wanted to make something that is simple and has a lot of expandability.

What it does

  • It stimulates a car driving in an old city in one evening.

How we built it

  • The models were built with Maya and the game was made using Unity with C# scripts.

Challenges we ran into

  • A few challenges we ran into were communication and coding. Communication was a great problem as some of our group members are in a foreign country. In the making of this project, we encountered two major coding issues that hindered our progression--the camera and the ramp physics. Our first iterations of the camera code caused the camera movement to be very rigid and laggy, we later solved this issue. The ramp physics, however, we could not solve in this Hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Greatest among all: The first game we ever made! Without any background in Unity and C#!
  • The car can drift!!!
  • The wheels move along with the car
  • The texture of models

What I learned

  • Some basic ideas of how to create a 3D game with Unity (Object settings, camera movements, etc)
  • Syntax in C#

What's next for Driving Sim

  1. A start interface to "Press to Start"
  2. More options for cars
  3. Fixation of the ramp physics
  4. A guide of the game
  5. Expansion of the map
  6. A button to exit the game
  7. And many more!

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