With all kinds of signals and data we can fetch from the PSA car sdk. It is then possible to create a lot of fantastic experience while driving, your maybe boring driving. Yes! We can make it fun and much more enjoyable!

What it does

Therefore, we expected to pick some of the real time motion signal during driving, apply them to the stereo system of the car. As of the user experience, imagine, we can feel different kinds of sound effects while we turning the steering wheel, and treading the brake or throttle pedal, as well as other motion signals. Another awesome thing for your experience is, you can define the relationship between driving motion and sound effects, associate them according to your preference! Don't hesitate to see our show to learn more.

How I built it

To accomplish this idea and show it in a practical way, we collect lots of materials by creating A/V effects along with the data fetched from car data. Also we created a beautiful UI for phone app to enhance the user experience on customising the connection of driving motion and sound.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge for us is to show this idea with cutting edge technical skills, and try best to give the audience the best simulated experience compared with real driving sense.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Yes, yes, we are so exciting, and proud of the effort our team paid, that is, we created beautiful UI, great video clip, smooth quick hacking code, presentation, images all together within 24hrs! And, of course, we gain the most valuable thing: friendship. This should be our proud, either.

What I learned

Perseverance, perseverance, perseverance!

What's next for Driving Muse


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