*-Hacks are full of webs, apps & games. Why not implementing an interactive platform, a intelligent system, even a robot? *-Before driveless cars occupy the street, let's make our current driving experience fun and safe.

*With these two ideas in mind, Driving Buddy became a natural choice.

What it does

Driving Buddy is an interactive system that tracks people's driving behavior and provides useful feedback. Please take a look at our demo video with ‘real' wheel and driving view.

How we built it

We use imu, arduino and webcam as our hardware for this project. Via arduino, imu senses motion information while webcam serves as the vision of the system that transfers real-time image to compuer. We use OpenCV to detect driver's head movement and accelerometer to track wheel rotation. With those information, whether you do not focus enough or observe well, our system starts to interactive with you to ensure your driving safety using ROS package pocketsphinx.

Challenges we ran into

Intergrating different modules together is not easy, but ROS provides a nice framework to combine vision, motion and speech seamlessly together into a intellligent system.

What's next?

Our Driving Buddy will be built in the car, companying you with every journey. You will never drive alone.

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