Always loved strategy games so I always wanted to create one. I've also enjoyed cartography and maps so it made sense to use real existing maps as stage for a strategy game.

What it does

Driveways and Dragons will get your current location and generate a map with different units on it. There will be a dragon advancing each turn towards your location and you have 3 units to move around to stop it. The map shows the path the dragon will take each turn so planning and strategizing is necessary so that your driveway stays dragon-free.

How I built it

It's built on a single html page with vanilla javascript using and google maps and directions api to display and move the units on the map.

Challenges I ran into

-Each unit was only supposed to advance a specific distance each turn but google's direction api doesn't take that into account so it was necessary to calculate the only necessary waypoints and render the path myself. -Animating movement in the map was complicated and still going to be improved. -How to get places randomly using api so that each game was unique even if in the same location. -Making sure that the randomly placed characters were in order, meaning the units closer to the castle and the dragon always the farthest from it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Used and learned 2 new APIs and google maps API. The distance based movement per turn. Making the placement of the units and the dragon random each time but in an order of distance that made sense.

What I learned Google maps and direction API netlify sites and deployment

What's next for Driveways and Dragons

Improving the animations Adding more complexity in the attacks Adding more dragons

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