We are a mexican-based Software Company called Intic Labs We have been to Mexico City several times and have several relatives living there, so we really know how frustrating it is to be sitting in the traffic there.

What it does

Driveward is a social based web application that allows users to share their cars in a convenient way. It looks for other drivers who want to share their car near your location (or the location where you want to take your Ride) who are also going to the same location (or a near one) as you are. This allows car sharing users to not change their routine. The only difference is that they won't be the only ones in the car, but now they will be saving the planet, meeting nice people, and making some money out of it if they want. The process is as follows:

  1. User A registers a ride
  2. User B finds and selects user A's ride
  3. User A gets notified and accepts or declines User B
  4. User B gets notified of the exact location of the departure
  5. Both users can talk to each other and share details

How we built it

We thought from the beginning that this app should be as simple as possible, so the idea is that once you sign up with Facebook (for convenience and validation purposes) you can start searching for rides without having to go through several views. That's why we developed one single view for searching, creating and listing rides. Another requirement was that the app needed to be real-time, since most of the times, the users will look for rides happening soon, and this can be updated rapidly. Having this in mind, we chose Firebase + AngularJS.

Challenges I ran into

Being mexican, we knew that the first concern for us and other people was safety. The way we want to mitigate this risk is by allowing users to check the other user's Facebook profile and checking its validity. We also want to give the users the ability to upload "proofs". For example, if I´m going to my university, it would be nice if the user who wants to share his/her car would upload a university ID. Most of the times both users will be going to the same place (work, school, etc.) so that would suffice for most of the cases.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Integrating Google APIs for suggesting places and checking the distance between me (or my 'From' location) and the Rides' 'From' location as well as the destination. We also thought it was really cool how the filters can be changed and the rides will be updated accordingly in real-time (thanks AngularJS =D).

What's next for Driveward

We would like to expand the application to be available as native mobile applications (even though the web app is responsive, it would be better for the users to have it as a mobile app). If users want to charge for sharing their cars, they need to tell the other users about it. In the future we want to let the users charge directly in the application. In case we wanted to make a profit out of this project, we could charge a small amount in this step. As an example, there could be a case in which a car only has one seat left and two users wanting to go in this car. We'd like the app to register the number of seats in the car and once users are accepted by the "car-sharing user" , the seats are occupied so once the car is full, it no longer shows on the search.

Thank you for checking our project out. We hope to hear from you soon.

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