What if instead of trying to improve the machine, we help improve the driver.

Our idea was to design an app that could give you feedback on your driving style. By using a carefully tuned mix of various sensors over time to estimate how smooth your driving is, it renders the results both in a live directional output and integrated over time as a general score of the last 10 minutes, with red flashes when you're doing something particularly terrible. It incentivizes you to handle the car more carefully as well use more foresight on the road, facilitating safety on the road, comfort for passengers and reducing emissions because of a more ecological way of driving.

The app is entirely written in javascript, with a separate backend in Node.js, and runs in any device with a browser. It connects to the sensors using the websocket interface and does all calculations locally, with minimal latency.

We're proud of what we have built so far, and hope that Bosch integrates it into their experiments in the future somehow.

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