Doing the Uber type of business is challenging. You have to buy a car or you need to rent one. Our initial idea with this project was to help people find "Uber friends" that they can share cars with. This project allows both sides (Car owner and Client) to make money. Car owners can rent their cars and Clients can have a car for a couple of hours when needed and make money.

What it does

It connects Car owners and Clients who want to rent cars on a Mobile App platform. This platform allows Car owners to monitor their cars such as location and lock or unlock their car when renting to a client, as well as make money with their cars. On the other side, the Client does not need to meet with the car owner face-to-face, all the renting can be done via the platform thus it creates more flexibility for both the Car owner and the Client. Both sides are happy.

Challenges I ran into

Implementing the SmartCar API was challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The project is running.

What I learned

I learned about SmartCar and MapKit in IOS

Built With

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