We drove down from Berkeley a couple days before LA Hacks to spend more time in to SoCal sun. Everyone's heard about how bad LA traffic is, but driving through downtown in the middle of the day was so much worse than we had imagined it would be. The number of cars was annoying, but it made it much scarier driving through new areas. We wanted to create something focused on driving and safety, and Skrt Safe is what we came up with.

What it does

Given a starting point and a destination, Skrt Safe uses the Google Maps API to generate an initial fastest path. Then, the user can drag parts of the route around to avoid the most accident prone areas and find one they're comfortable with. While on the road, a call assistant notifies the driver as they approach and leave more dangerous areas.

How we built it

Skrt Safe is a web application built on Flask, with a python backend and Javascript / HTML / CSS front-end. We use the Google Map Javascript API for searching and visualization, along with a dataset of accidents from the City of LA to generate our analysis. When analyzing a specific route, we find all of the accidents within a certain radius of each point on the path, creating a localized measure of risk.

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