The leading cause of death among 18-25 year olds is unintentional accidents, primarily caused by motor vehicle collisions. Also, Sciencing reports that carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles worldwide are a prime driver in global warming and climate change. SafeDrive aims to tackle both those issues by developing safe and sustainable driving habits, reinforced by personalised feedback.

What it does

SafeDrive takes your accelerometer data, as well as the collision avoidance technology (proximity detectors) and develops personalised driving reports With SafeDrive, you are given a score based on your driving performance and can compete with your friends and colleagues in pursuit of better and safer driving.

How we built it

MATLAB was used to develop a simulator that mimics your driving habits. The data generated from the simulation is pushed to ThingTia Cloud to be consolidated and stored. RubyOnRails backend makes use of the services and data provided by ThingTia and generates a score based on your performance. Lastly, the Ionic app delivers the information into a visually pleasing format for the user and allows them to see how they stand up with their friends and colleagues.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we ran into was using MATLAB to develop a simulator. We used the GUI platform as well as HTTP get and put requests which was outside the realm of our proficiency. In addition, the times between the backend and the ThingTia Cloud were misaligned which was discovered after a long time of bugfixing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have delivered a functional product that uses multiple different technologies and is directly aimed at a socially good cause.

What we learned

We learned just how much information cars generate, and how IoT has infinite possibilities stemming from the vast variety of sensors and IoT devices currently and bound to be on-board our vehicles. We learned about some unique features in MATLAB and how it is able to function well in a non-engineering related environment.

What's next for SafeDrive

SafeDrive is aimed at using the accelerometer data, as well as data from car models, to generate specific carbon dioxide output values, to see the direct chemical impact our driving has on the environment. We also want to boost the social media aspect by using a Twist API.

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