DriveSafe is an application which uses all available smartphone motion and orientation sensors in a manner consistent with real-time performance to help ensure the safety of the occupants of the vehicle. Its innovative and clearly understood graphing technology enables users to understand and learn from all parameters of their motion. In our experiments, we were able to determine the profile of the stride of researchers from the positions of peaks and valleys using the forward acceleration sensors of an Android smartphone. Our technology has applications ranging from safety to athletic training, as it could very easily be integrated into a smartwatch or shoulder-mounted holder and used to ensure that runners strides and speeds are kept consistent outdoors, and to ensure that they can be made aware of the details of the terrain on which they are running using the vertical acceleration sensors of the Nexus phone we used. Our team attempted to integrate a heart rate monitor, but this was unsuccessful. Our project is ripe for growth and future improvement. At the time of submission, we were working on getting a backend up which would enable us to employ machine learning algorithms on data collected from automobiles using our software to learn how to identify impaired driving from the variance of, and patterns in, the data collected from the smartphone sensors. This was deemed a low priority in favor of the heart rate monitors, in consideration of the fact that it was not feasible to obtain sizable data from moving automobiles.

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