More than 25% of the road accidents are due to driving drowsy. A smart way to overcome this is integrating machine vision, artificial intelligence and haptic feedback. DriverPal accomplish this with easy to install gadget that cost less than 50$

What it does

Raspberry Pi-Zero with camera monitors driver emotions and eye envelop to detect whether the driver is feeling drowsy. If it detects driver falling asleep it triggers a haptic response to the steering wheel to wake up the driver. AI system will start a random conversation with the driver to keep him awake.

How we built it

We used Pi-Zero and camera to detect the face and eye position and wrote an algorithm to detect whether eyes are open. We also used Google Cloud Vision APIs to see the focus level of the driver. Google Assistance API is used to trigger a conversation with the driver. Vibro motors which are cleverly placed in steering wheel cover is used to provide haptic feedback.

Challenges we ran into

Pi-Zero is a very low power computer and easily over-heat. We have to optimize our algorithms to work using less computing resources

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