This year, Congress passed a bill that allows U.S. immigrants to apply for their Driver's License. Though this is a huge achievement, many of these immigrants – most of whom are from Latin American countries – lack the education and tools to pass their written exam. This app allows those who can only speak Spanish to study for their written exams and get their licenses: a liberty that should be equally accessible to all.

What it does

This app prepares users by quizzing them with questions from the official DMV Spanish practice tests.

How we built it

We built the app using Xcode, a popular IDE for building iOS applications.

Challenges we ran into

Both members of the team had no knowledge of Swift or Xcode prior to this Hackathon. Because we had no prior experience, we utilized the mentors and the internet to learn the language. Also, there were complications with Xcode and our current operating system, which cost us more than 2 hours of development time before we could even get started on our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning Swift from nothing was one of our biggest achievements. Learning Swift turned out to be a lot more difficult that what we expected, but even this challenge, we were able to persevere and make a functional application that we are extremely proud of.

What we learned

In terms of computer science, we learned how to use Swift and Xcode, but more importantly, we learned what it is like to participate in a hackathon. This hackathon was our first hackathon, and it was here that we learned about time management with our application and collaboration with other hackers.

What's next for Driver's Ed in Spanish

In the future, we hope to improve the UI and make it more user-friendly. Similarly, we hope to incorporate images (e.g. traffic signals, signs and diagrams) into the app.

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