How it works

The National Sleep Foundation reports that 168 million have admitted to driving drowsy and 40% have fallen asleep at the wheel. Drowsy driving is responsible for 100,000 accidents yearly, and 11 million in the last decade.

Taking Mercedes Benz current drowsiness detection system, Attention assist, to the next level of reliability, safety, and accuracy we bring you, Attention Assist Plus.

Using a 3-D Realsense Camera with depth and motion sensing for highly reliable recognition and Infrared light for low light situations, AA Plus detects yawns, rapid blinking, prolonged eye closing, and head motion.

Unlike Mercedes, AA Plus preemptively warns the driver of drowsiness using facial recognition instead of reactively waiting for the driver to make dangerous steering corrections.

Once drowsiness is detected, the car initiates beeping, a computerized warning, and steering wheel and Seat Vibration.

If driver does not hand gesture to stop the alarm after 20 seconds, the car automatically sends a text message to close contacts, and initiates hazard lights, lane keeping assist, and gradual braking.

Attention Assist Plus, lets wake up and save lives. I invite judges to try our working prototype for themselves.

Challenges I ran into

Real Sense SDK working with camera & Calibration with car integration.

What's next for Driver Assist Plus


Built With

  • depth-3d
  • intel-sdk
  • realsense
  • realsense-3d-camera
  • realsensesdk
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