In order to promote the use of Electric Powered vehicles and take steps towards a greener future, we had to step out of the box and think of different ways of generating interest. Our method of creating a virtual currency for being more fuel efficiency and strong referral program combines both aspects in order to do just that in a user friendly mobile app.

What it does

Calculates how much fuel you used in your travel based on distances from google maps, total costs, total CO2 emission, and uses an algorithm to calculate your coin reward. Coins can also be generated through referring your friends which builds community.

How we built it

Built it by using Built it by the Distance Matrix in the Routes API to calculate the distance travelled each time to generate coins and the Geolocation API to confirm that they had actually travelled that distance. Fed this data to the Cloud SQL database and allowed our coin algorithm to output the correct values to the display.

Challenges we ran into

Ran into problems with using the Flask framework for communicating between the frontend, backend, and the database. Had some trouble with the Google Map API for distance matrix calculation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create a working model of our coin model and the math that goes behind calculating the savings in cost and in the footprint for both EV and gas powered vehicles. Also were able to set up a referral and sharing method to allow for a larger ecosystem for our application.

What we learned

We had a better understanding of the GCP and Flask as part of the communication between the different parts of our web application.

What's next for driveMAS

Improve on the cloud infrastructure to allow for real time coin generation through IOS geolocation and apply tensorflow machine learning in order to enhance likelihood of switching over to Electric Vehicle.

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