We realized that resource gathering during and after disasters are a major challenge. We believe that through a crowd-driven effort, this problem can be solved by delivering the right needs to the right people to reduce the recovery time at disaster impacted locations.

What it does

The application provides a platform for people to donate items by understanding what resources are required before a disaster occurs. Storing this data in affiliate locations can help organization understand what resources are available at their disposal and mobilize these resources faster to accelerate relief processes. The resources are gathered with the help of people who can choose to pick up these resources on their way to work or school. The routing algorithm would ensure that it finds the closest drop off locations considering their preferred destination.

How I built it

The front end is being developed using Angularjs. A simple interface with the donation recommendation based on the pre-calculated resource priority. The driver has a different map focused interface that helps him/her find nearby donors from who they can collect resources and the closest drop off locations.

Challenges I ran into

One of the major challenges was getting resource requirement data. It would be useful to have historic resource used during different disasters to learn and automatically understand the resource needs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We worked well together as a team and had a vision that we believe could really be beneficial.

What I learned

Team work, problem solving.

What's next for driveforgood

We will continue to get better data sources and improve the platform to have a mobile version to help organsations like the American Red Cross gather the required resources faster.

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