Everybody knows how awefully long car trips without proper entertainment can be. You're driving past hundreds of cities, but most of the time you don't know anything about their secret stories - even when they lie on your daily commute!

What it does

With only one Tap DriveBy starts telling you the most interesting facts about the places you pass by. Completly hands-free you can get entertaining info about cities, architecture, nature and much more. Powered with the vast knowledge of Wikipedia you will never hear the same fact twice! You can even use it in public transport or just for a stroll around a new city. Enough words - just try it yourself; No Account needed!

How we built it

We've build an Android app which uses only geolocation and an internet connection to orchestrate information retrieval from wikipedias api, processing the data into fitting chunks of information and reading them out to the user in the fitting situation via TextToSpeech Technology. The app also uses Realm Database as persistent storage to reduce mobile data usage via caching. There is even an graphical user interface which consists of heads-up notifications while traveling and a list of all places with corresponding links to Wikipedia is available for checking back after the ride.

Challenges we ran into

  • API difficulties (managing merging data from multiple sources)
  • processing text information into fitting chunks.
  • persistent data and caching
  • TextToSpeech management

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The main feature of the app and even some extras were completed in 24h.
  • The functionality is independent from constrained locations. It can be used anywhere and is always up to date.

What we learned

Everything that is listed under Challenges ;)

What's next for DriveBy

  • Improve Information preprocessing
  • Make search radius dependent on current speed
  • Check if other apps are streaming audio and if they are more urgent
  • Filter information with user provided interests

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