Our inspiration was trying to think of an application for Google Glass where the focus wouldn't be explicitly for use in public. We wanted to do something automotive related and thought the use of Google Glass in relation to that is something that has many, many possibilities that haven't been fully explored. We think that a "glasses" based HUD, whether that's on Google software (or not), will be an extremely powerful tool in the future for either

What it does:

Drive with glass is about keeping the drivers eyes on the road rather than looking down at the dash to interface with modern "infotainment" systems. Since the google glass keeps the display just above the line of sight, the user can easily glace at whatever sensor data their HUD is set to while maintaining focus and concentration on the task at hand.

How We built it:

Since Google Glass is Android based, the Sync system is easy to interact with (in theory) and pull vehicle data into the app while providing the user with an easy-to-digest display of that information.

Challenges We ran into:

Getting data to update on the Google Glass continuously and the Bluetooth drivers to interface with SYNC/other-APIs. Also, developing on the Glass platform (which is not supported, currently, by the latest version of Android Studio).

Accomplishments that We're Proud of:

The application is written in Java and on a platform that neither of us have had experience in before and we were able to learn so much during this experience, in the end our "almost" functional product is a great-proof of concept that, with continued development, we feel could be a very useful tool for those in the auto industries and those who just like to cruise in their vehicles.

What We learned:

Java. Java, and lots of Java...and a little bit of interfacing with APIs.

What's next for Drive with Glass:

Drive with Glass is currently in an early "demo" state, our focus will be to streamline the UI to allow for multiple options for users including, but not limited to:

Gesture, touch, AND voice controls. Variety of diagnostic/logistic information Compatibility with different "vehicle-based" APIs Similar product for motorcycle/ATV integration (helmet based?)

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