Drive Trace application helps driver learn, compare and share information about his driving style and thereby help him to optimize the fuel usage.

In on-drive mode, the application interacts with driver through Sync AppLink for trip creation or continuation and records per trip start and end location, fuel consumption, mileage and other details along with real-time vehicle data through OpenXC. It analyzes driving style through concrete algorithms and raises alerts on the go. Alerts can be enabled on configurable frequency to help driver unlearn the driving habits that lead to aggressive driving or over-idling.

In off-drive mode, driver can view per trip details and effortlessly compare and analyze mileage, aggression & idling trends for selected trips. The application also supports managing trips and sharing of analysis graphs on e-mail, Bluetooth or on any social networking sites.

Few sample trips have been added by default in the application for showcasing of features and can be deleted later by the user.

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