The inspiration behind this project comes from wondering one day about my gmail tab. Like many users, I don't close my gmail tab, and don't turn my computer off. I figured out that it's probably been roughly 6 months since I last refreshed that tab. That meant that the code in that tab was 6 months old, and I could be missing features, or even critical security fixes.

Single Page Application (SPA) frameworks take care of automatically keeping the data in an application up to date with the server. But this is only half of the story, the code doesn't get updated, and grows stale.

Drive-Thru SPA takes your existing SPA to the next level. A server is set up to watch for changes to a git repo. When someone pushes to this repo, the server analyzes the code, and determines which components have been modified. It then sends them to the web application, which updates the components in the background. To the user it the application just updates dynamically, not requiring a refresh, or interrupting their workflow.

Drive-Thru SPA targets web developers using a single page application framework, such as AngularJS, EmberJS or React. Our hope is that these developers can simply add this hook into the final step of their continuous deployment process, and simply include the client side javascript on the page. The ability for the web application to be almost magically updated without any interaction from the user, or any extra work from the developer is the best feature of Drive-Thru SPA.

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