During the preparation to my driving test I remember I learned the signs that I have never seen before. It was required to know them for writing part of the test and practice to notice and respond to them during the road test. This app can help examiners, driving instructors and students to explore all the signs in their area an build the route to practice these signs or to create a route for the test to check if student have learnt the signs (even the rare ones). So this app can help to increase safety on the roads.

What it does

Using this app instructor or examiners can choose the signs that are the most relevant to prepare for the test or are required to pass the test and build a route that connect those signs using HERE maps data layers.

How I built it

Using Here maps Traffic Sign layer that represents signs along the road network used to inform the driver of specific road situations, we've build an SPA with react and typescript.

Challenges I ran into

Multiple via waypoints for v8 of Routing api

What I learned

About Here Data Layers.

What's next for Drive test app

Save the route to reuse later.

Built With

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