Drive Safe – It’s in your Hands!!!!


Ever happened to you, that you urgently left for somewhere and rather, reached late because of the road traffics, obstructions, etc? This is exactly what inspired us to make this App because technically, it’s far better to know about the delay beforehand and save the time. Before leaving we can search for real time traffic, traffic signals, shortest route availability, and Road bumps without getting stuck in traffic and for safety we have all numbers and shortest path in it for safe driving.

As we know Indore is in top 4 commercial cities, by conducting this contest, FORD encouraged us for developing an App which can increase awareness towards public transport and help in preventing road accidents.

An initiative called Drive Safe to prevent road accidents was launched in the city. Shri P. Narahari District Collector, Indore and Mr. Sandeep Soni Joint Collector & CEO Atal Indore City Transport Services Ltd (AICTSL) Indore and public transport administration, are working on the issue.

They inspired us to provide a Safety platform which can contribute in their campaign and help in preventing Accidents.

What it does

Our beautiful and intelligent App helps you in getting lists in a way you have never experienced before. Our App is capable of providing data like :

~ Search for route – for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles. They can find their perfect path, Signals in between path, Road bumps, Post office, Paid and Free Parking.

~ Perfect Path - using this tab you can find shortest and most convenient path for your destination using public transport.

~ Fare Calculator - No need to bargain!!! Enter your Source and destination address, It will help you to find exact fare and Travel Distance using public transport.

~ City/ I-bus Route and area - you can find Route and Bus Detail.

~ List of Police Station Numbers and Emergency Contact Numbers

~ Swatch Indore - List of Public Toilets close to you

~ Driving, Life Saving and Traffic Signal Tips

How I built it

We have used Google Maps, java, android-studio, php, sql to provide you a workable product.

Challenges I ran into

Google Map integration and searching radius of 1 km and to provide best and safe route for cyclist and pedestrian.Collection of such data which can fulfill Ford’s expectation to promote safety tips was a bigger challenge

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to bring together multiple capabilities which can be used to promote safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles. Our System is fairly modular and gives us options to easily improve and expand the system with Notification in promoting usage of Public Transport resulting in reduction of air pollution, reduce fatal Accident Rate, finding closest public toilet to promote cleanliness and provide Real time Information.**

What I learned

To help local authorities and residents to find new ways to improve road safety in Indore. Ford gave a new thought that using new technologies we can increase awareness among people in regard to public transport so that road accidents are prevented and air/noise pollution is reduced. We learnt to improve Road safety by use of public transport.

What's next for Drive Safe – It’s in your Hands!

~ Improvements based on real user suggestions and Integration of real Data and implement of advance functions like- Car Wash, Repair at the time of parking?

~ We will add real data in it, it will help users to find best and safe route to travel.

~ In future we can add more options like Voice Search, like Google does. with which you can find perfect route in seconds.

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