This past month, a first year student at Western University passed away as a result of an intoxicated driver driving irresponsibly. We were all saddened by the news, and thought there must be a better solution to control drinking and driving rather than just verbal enforcement.

What it does

When "Drunk Mode" is turned on in the Drive Safe android application, the user is prompted for a contact (friend)'s name and number, and the location where the user will be drinking. After that is entered, the lock on top of the ignition key is locked. When the user is intoxicated and returns to the car, he/she must blow into a breathalyzer attached to the lock, and if the user is drunk, the lock will not unlock. Instead, the user will be given the option to text a friend or call an Uber. If the person does not have service, a text is sent through wifi using the twilio API.

How I built it

The lock itself was made using arduino uno, a temperature sensor (in lieu of not being able to find a breathalyzer, works exactly the same way though), and coded in C. The application was made using Java and Android Studio. Firebase was used to store user information, and along with node.js, express.js and Microsoft Azure, a web service was created to send a text through Wi-fi.

Challenges I ran into

Since we didn't have an alcohol sensor, breathalyzer, or barometer, we substituted for a temperature sensor. Although this provided us with similar values (relatively) as the other sensors would, calibrating it and getting accurate readings became difficult. Tasks that seemed simple became relatively complex. Also, we didn't know how an arduino would share data with an android, so learning that was a challenge. Furthermore, we were not very experienced with ember.js and server side coding so it became a fun, but difficult challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Overall, we are all very proud of what we have accomplished.We were not afraid to ask for help, and thus learned a lot. We were also not discouraged by the fact that we were not able to find the ideal sensors. Through a lot of struggles and tribulations, we were finally able to create a product we are proud of

What I learned

We learned not to become frustrated, as some complex problems are actually simpler than they look. We all learned a lot about different technologies and languages.

What's next for Drive Safe

Depending on the

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