All of us have registered for drivers license before and we know how much time the process takes and how inconvenient that can be, especially if you live outside the city. We wanted to make it a easier and less time-consuming process.

What it does

Now you don't have to take time off work to be able to catch the county office. Drive Faster allows you to register your drivers license online in a convenient way. You can simply do it at home online and at any time.

How we built it

We started off drawing a flowchart to get a better idea of the process and look at it from the users perspective, so we were able to streamline it. That way we were able to make a web page that takes the user into account.

Challenges we ran into

It took time to narrow our idea down to a concrete concept. We faced restrictions with the law, for i.e. the health certificate is not allowed on a digital form.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a realistic solution that makes this process a whole lot easier. The teamwork and communications exceeded our expectations.

What we learned

How to work efficiently in a team in a short amount of time. We learned how Xroad works and how we can hold information about our citizens securely online.

What's next for Drive Faster

Drivers license on a digital form. Expand this project to other areas which include similar outdated documentations.

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