In the cities around the world there is a huge amount of cars, that are used rarely by their owners. That's why so many cars only stay in their parking lot. This circumstance obviously is a waste of technology. On the other side there is a raising need for efficient and new mobility solutions, which are more flexible and cheaper as cities won't stop growing. In Germany (the birth country of cars) for 73% of the people their car is an important part of mobility. For young people (< 25 years) this fraction is only 36%. (

Our aim was to enrich the future of mobility by creating a green, open and connected solution.

What it does

We empower car owners to rent out their cars to other people through an extremely simple process. Through a mobile app car owners can earn money by just setting a time frame, in which the car is available to renters. Renters on the other hand have access to a huge amount of cars, which they can rent for short use and a cheap fee.

Now a question may arise: "Why should I as a car owner trust a stranger to take care of my car?". The answer is simple: Renters are rewarded for proper driving behaviour, since the car tracks it through its sensors. Therefore, when he doesn't drive bad (uses brakes a lot, won't keep distance to car in front, ...) he will have to pay less to the car owner at the end of the use.

How We built it

We developed a smart contract, which handles the financial transactions between renter and car owner. Through a mobile app both of them communicate with it.

What We learned

We learnt a lot about the development of smart contracts and blockchain in general and how it can be used for a greater good.

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