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Due to regular stress and strain on eyes after work from home shift due to COVID an inclusive eye care system was needed which makes it easier for ophthalmologists and patients to access eye checkups .

What it does

It has a series of regular eye checkup tests that a doctor usually performs but makes it far more accessible and personalised by the use of machine learning .

How we built it

The gui for desktop app GUI is made using pyqt5, the scripts are made using python and the webapp is build using node.js for twilio . Frontend is made using HTML CSS javascript and bootstrap .

Challenges we ran into

Difficulty in making GUI for the script Difficulty in adjusting eye checkup tests and their crucial distance for accurate test results.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using twilio and creating a project that perfectly suits a socially good cause in this stipulated amount of time. Solved some crucial problems for people having lack of resources for eye care and implemented our problem solving for social good.

What we learned

Sms handling using twilio Use of machine learning pyqt5 and python for social good.

What's next for DrishtiCon

To scale it for masses Develop a consumer base for it as well as include as many doctors as possible add more tests and functionalities that are effective and safe even if done remotely

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