What is Dripp?

Dripp is a social challenge app that encourages individuals to reduce their water waste by listening to music. To use Dripp, simply start a shower, select a playlist, and go - Dripp takes care of the rest! Dripp analyzes the length of your shower and intuitively suggests playlists of shorter length to help minimize water usage while integrating seamlessly into your everyday routine.

Challenging Friends

Dripp is fun to use alone or with friends - simply add your friends and go! Using Dripp, you can challenge your friends to complete a shower using one of your own playlists or top playlists available on Spotify. Once your friends accept a challenge, they have 48 hours to complete it.

All About The Savings

As you continue to take shorter and shorter showers, Dripp calculates your water savings in gallons, raising your user level and sharing your results with friends. After completing a shower, you can share your progress to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, letting all your friends know how much of a difference you’re making!


  • Listen to your playlists on iPhone and Apple Watch
  • Save water by selecting Dripp’s recommended playlist
  • Challenge friends to take a shower with your playlists
  • Share your results with friends on Dripp, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Team Members

Built With

  • alamofire
  • easyanimation
  • hanekeswift
  • mbcircularprogressbar
  • objective-c
  • php
  • ruby
  • sablurimageview
  • swift
  • swiftgiforigin
  • swiftlyjson
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