Through our research of environmental issues, we learned that individuals can make a large impact on their water usage by making small changes in their habits. We were excited to learn how to make a website and also incorporate our Arduino kit, so we chose to create an interactive website for users to Learn, Know, and Make solutions to lower their water consumption, saving both money and the environment.

What it does

Our user finds out what they Know about water conservation through an interactive quiz. They Learn what they can do to conserve water. They also Make projects to help with stewardship of our water.

How I built it

Our website was built mainly with HTML, CSS, and bootstrap. We started with a template for the basic design of our webpage and edited the template to make each page. Our quiz is powered by Google forms and our logo was made with Adobe Spark. For the irrigation system, we used an Arduino Uno with a humidity sensor and programmed it using Python.

Challenges I ran into

Before this competition, only one of us had any experience with HTML or JavaScript, so we had to learn while we were creating the website. We had a slow start, but the website came together nicely.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We’re proud that we were able to make a website with multiple pages and a complex navigation bar. It was exciting to meet new people, to brainstorm together, to discover new tools, and to develop a website in just a few hours.

What I learned

We all learned how to use HTML, CSS, and bootstrap to create a website together. We also learned that it isn’t super difficult to create a website, and it was really fun.

What's next for DripDrop

Coming soon --

  1. FAQ section. Quick answers to common questions.
  2. Online video games. For example, a ‘drip-catcher’ game would let the user catch drops of water to recycle, and keep track of wasted drops that are not caught. By adding games we hope to attract a young audience as well.
  3. More projects! Plans and photos for DIY rain barrels and water filtration systems. We want our users to get excited and get involved!
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