Frigid shower temps in the morning

What it does

Automatically warms shower to optimal temperature and diverts water to a secondary tank to conserve water and save energy. Signals when to enter a shower and starts automatically in response to an IR sensor.

How we built it

Servo in a shower head connected to an arduino that takes parameters from an IR distance sensor, a passive IR sensor, and is powered with an incredibly hacky use of a drill.

Challenges we ran into

1.Measuring the water viscosity without a flow sensor, and instead relying on an IR sensor.

  1. Taping things together
  2. Going to home depot to get a shower head.
  3. Transporting a ton of material to the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Saving water and sticking to our plan the entire time.

What we learned

Bring a drill to every hackathon

What's next for Drip Drop

Will create a commercially viable product by replacing the entire shower tube to create an elegant and simple interface that offers the full functionality.

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